USGC Welcomes New Member Central Life Sciences

Central Life Sciences

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) is pleased to welcome Central Life Sciences as a new member.

Central Life Sciences is part of Central Garden & Pet, a leading innovator, marketer and producer of quality branded products for the pet, lawn and garden supplies markets.

Central Life Sciences discovered the insect growth regulators (IGR) methoprene, hydroprene and kinoprene more than 40 years ago and specializes in working on a number of active ingredients, plus patents on formulation and delivery technologies. Central Life Sciences offers unique and effective pest management solutions to make life better for people, plants and animals. By affecting the insect's’ own chemistry, Central Life Sciences’ products inhibit the life cycle of numerous pest species to reduce destructive populations. The Bug Free Grains line of products helps control populations of damaging insects that infest stored grain, protecting the quality and profitability of the commodities.

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