Guy Davenport Serves 15 Years And Is Going Strong

The Corn Growers Association of North Carolina is a longtime and strong supporter of the U.S. Grains Council’s (USGC's)  export mission. That includes Guy Davenport, a North Carolina delegate who is celebrating his 15th year with the Council and maintains his enthusiasm for the Council’s work on behalf of farmers in his state and beyond. 

“You know trade doesn’t have as big of an impact in North Carolina because we’re a corn-deficit state, so one thing we always have to do is some education as to what trade means to our farmers – that every bushel of grain that is sold overseas means we get a better basis, and they get a better price per bushel,” he explained. 

He said North Carolina’s farmers continue to be interested in what he can tell them about trade. And for Davenport - who has traveled to Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and South Korea during his work on the Asia Advisory Team - Asia is the most fascinating export story. 

“For sure, it’s been the highlight of my Council work. The changes over the years with new customers and new dynamics,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve gotten to know, the trade teams we’ve done, I treasure all that.” 

Council staff, both domestic and international, have also earned his praise. 

“When I think about the Council staff, the people they’ve been able to recruit to work for us, it’s critical to our success,” he said. “I’ve also learned how hard it is to really do the Council’s work. There’s always competition, always a challenge, and always change, but I have truly enjoyed it all.”