Tanzania Programs Bring Together Local Industry, Offer Training

The U.S. Grains Council’s (USGC’s) Tanzania Food for Progress (FFP) program’s activities are intensifying as the year wraps up. The Council has planned several upcoming events intended to engage members of the Tanzanian poultry and feed sectors with the ultimate goal of helping them develop their commercial feed industry.

Some of these upcoming events include:

  • The Council will host a group of leaders from the Poultry Association of Tanzania (PAT) to Dawajine, the National Poultry Exhibition in Morocco. There, the group will see firsthand how the Poultry Show of Tanzania can become a leading conference that presents the latest technologies, innovations and know-how of professionals within the poultry sector.
  • PAT will then host the first South African Development Community (SADC) Poultry Liaison Forum in Tanzania, during which producer members will share their progress with representatives of organizations in neighboring countries. In addition, PAT is organizing their first Poultry Show of Tanzania, focused on addressing various challenges faced by the poultry farmers in Tanzania.
  • The Council will sponsor a team of broiler farmers to attend the Kwazulu Natal Poultry Institute (KZNPI) near Durban, South Africa. KZNPI is a training center where the group of 25 Tanzanian broiler farmers will have the opportunity to learn production practices in the classroom as well as practical experience at the Institute’s farm.
  • The Council will sponsor two members of the Tanzanian Feed Manufacturers Association (TAFMA) and two Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL) workers to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa, to attend the South Africa Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA) Symposium, World Poultry Science Association (WPSA) Industry Day and Feed First Poultry School in association with the University of Pretoria. The event will provide these participants with technical information and the ability to network with fellow attendees.
  • Once a month, three Tanzanian layer poultry farmers are traveling to South Africa for training. During their time on the farm, the participants work for the 100,000 layer farm to learn modern management practices; receive training in record keeping and statistics; and visit a local feed mill. This program has been successful this past year as it demonstrates firsthand to the Tanzanian producers what they have learned in training seminars and illustrates how they can implement these practices on their own farms.

In the spring of 2014, the Council launched the Tanzania FFP program to develop the poultry and feed industry in Tanzania. The program is fully funded by a USDA Foreign Agriculture Service Food for Progress grant.

The objective of the Council’s Tanzania FFP program is to sustainably enhance the capacity of the commercial poultry and feed milling industries in Tanzania through a professional poultry association and self-sustaining feed quality lab.

Stay tuned for more information about these programs in future editions of Global Update.

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