The Sky’s the Limit: Latin America’s U.S. Corn Imports

Latin America U.S. Corn Imports Chart

This week's U.S. Grains Council Chart of the Week shows the change the change in imports of U.S. corn from 2012 to 2013 in 14 Latin American countries. According to the USDA, the Western Hemisphere's accumulated U.S. corn imports are more than 1.7 million metric tons (67 million bushels) ahead of last year at this same time. Mexico, the second-largest U.S. corn market, is the largest contributor to this market change, importing 1 million tons (39.4 million bushels) more than last year.

While Mexico dwarfs other importers, both Colombia and Peru show significant increases of U.S. corn imports. These two dramatic turnarounds can be attributed to free trade agreements that removed trade barriers and made U.S. corn a more attractive and competitively priced product.