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A Hands-On Barley Demo

Pelkey, AnneBy Anne Pelkey, USGC Manager of Programs & Planning

The Asian Food Barley Technical Short Course kicked-off last month in Portland, Ore. The U.S. Grains Council, together with the Idaho Barley Commission, the Wheat Marketing Center and the University of Idaho, led team members through a variety of food demonstrations to develop formulations and processing techniques for barley-fortified wheat flour-based products.

Testing different inclusion rates of barley in several traditional Asian products, participants mixed, rolled and pressed fresh noodles, including Japanese styleWFG Barley Demo 2 udon noodles and Korean instant noodles. Inclusion rates ranged between 20 to 30 percent. Later, the short course expanded using barley flour in preparing flat breads and other baked goods.

As these short courses continue to refine recipe formulations in additional food products, these items will be introduced in regional food shows to increase barley's versatility in international markets.

WFG Barley Demo Anne 



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