Purchase Inquiry


The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) has developed a purchase inquiry form to connect interested U.S. coarse grain and/or co-product buyers from around the world with USGC member companies that are suppliers. 

To Buyers

If you are interested in purchasing U.S. coarse grain and/or co-products, please fill out this form as completely as possible and return it to inquiries@grains.org. Upon submission of your form, the Council will distribute it in a timely manner to interested suppliers. The supplier companies will follow-up with requests that best match their sales goals. 

If no follow-up occurs, please revisit the information you submitted in the form. 

Legal Notice 

This Purchase Inquiry Form includes unsolicited information from a person or company that contacted the U.S. Grains Council to inquire about buying U.S. coarse grains or their related products.

The U.S. Grains Council does not know the correctness of the information on this Purchase Inquiry Form. Neither U.S. Grains Council nor any of its agents make any express or implied representations or warranty regarding information contained herein, and U.S. Grains Council and any of its agents hereby disclaim any other representations or warranties. We pass this information on as a courtesy to interested members, who must take their own due diligence to affirm the character and capacity of the person or company and the correctness of the information on this form.