2015/2016 Sorghum Harvest & Export Cargo Report

In March 2016, the Council released its first annual Sorghum Harvest and Export Cargo Quality Report to provide the information about quality at the end of sorghum harvest and as it moves to export facilities.

The harvest information is based on 207 commodity grain sorghum samples taken from inbound elevators in defined areas within nine of the top sorghum-producing and exporting states.

The export cargo information is based on 182 commodity grain sorghum samples taken from export shipments as they underwent federal inspection and grading processes performed by the USDA’s Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS).

This report is a follow-up to the Council’s 2015/2016 Sorghum Early Harvest Quality Report, which provided an early look at the quality of the 2015 sorghum crop as it was harvested in the southern part of the 2015 growing area. As a package, both of the sorghum reports are intended to provide reliable, timely and transparent information on the quality of the U.S. crop as it moves through export channels. They also use consistent methodology to permit the assessment of trends in future years.

The goal of this report is to survey sorghum quality at export and to provide information about the variability of the quality characteristics within the key export areas. The value of this report to stakeholders will increase over time as the information as year-to-year patterns appear.