2015/2016 Early Sorghum Harvest Quality Report

PDF File: EarlySorghumHarvestReport 2016

Early Sorghum Harvest Quality Report

In December 2015, the Council released the 2015/2016 Early Sorghum Harvest Quality Report. The report assesses the quality of the current U.S. sorghum harvest as it enters international merchandizing channels.

This report is based on 50 commodity grain sorghum samples taken from defined areas within five of the top sorghum-producing and exporting states, including Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. Inbound samples were collected from local grain elevators to observe quality at the point of origin and to provide representative information about the variability of quality characteristics across the crop production area.

The sorghum samples were tested at the department of soil and crop sciences at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Federal Grain Inspection Service’s (FGIS) Grain Inspection Handbook. 

Though the harvest quality report is valuable information to customers, sorghum quality will be affected by further handling. In January 2016, the Council will publish a second report, the Sorghum Harvest and Export Cargo Quality Report, to assess the quality of U.S. sorghum during the final half of the 2015 sorghum harvest season and the quality of U.S. sorghum as it is assembled for export.

The two reports are intended to provide reliable, timely and transparent information on the quality of U.S. sorghum as it moves through export channels. They will also use consistent methodology to permit the assessment of trends over time.